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Saturday, May 23, 2009

But Best Buy does have really nice turntables

Today we had to buy a new stereo, as our old three-disk changer finally died. So, the new one has an iPod dock, which is really nice, and it marks the next step in the inexorable journey toward never pulling any of our hundreds of CDs off the shelf to play anymore, only perhaps to upload that one song we haven't transferred over yet...but I also realized something else that actually makes me sad. It definitively marks the end of my ever owning any audio equipment that plays cassettes. It's not the obsolescence of the technology that bothers me; I think we can all agree that tapes were for shit, soundwise. But even though I hadn't actually made a literal mixtape in almost a decade (a true lost art), and the music I actually still care about has all made the transition with me through two newer forms of audio technology, it's just...the end of that. Every tape I own is now officially a relic, just to be looked it, not listened to.



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