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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to the era of The Rachel and Fruitopia. Also: vote for me!

Man in Black Burlesque is behind us, and it was a fantastic night; we have so much coming up ahead of us that once again, this blog is at substantial risk of becoming just a listing of our shows! But it's going to be a big, big fall. Here's our next show, this Saturday we're back at the Palace of Wonders! In fact, it will be our final show at the Palace under its original name, they've merged with the venue next door and, while that comes with an expanded stage and venue and other exciting developments, it also comes with the unfortunate name change to The Red Palace. Changing a beloved and distinctive brand never seems like a good idea to me...but hey, what do I know?

And that's not all! The New York Burlesque Festival is coming up at the end of this month, and Clams Casino and Neil O'Fortune (hey, that's me!) have been nominated for a Golden Pastie award for "Best Burlesque Couple." I want to win this much more than I should probably admit. So click this link and vote, people! I thank you.

There's a whole lot more coming up, stay tuned...

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