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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Now, can someone please explain the Family Circus to me?

Wait a minute, you ask, this is all I'm posting today after almost two weeks of not writing? Trust me.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh, and...

it's not every day you see your wife in Italian Glamour!

Fall is here, and I love this town.

The 11th is almost over, and I've worked hard-and mostly successfully-to avoid the massive 24 hour all-media onslaught; of course everybody's got to deal with it their own way, but for me the only way to commemorate is to live my life, have a day, just a normal day. I don't need a movie and a miniseries, or endless replays of the day, I remember it just fine, thanks.

Walking to the bus after work, and the chill breeze was signaling that fall is really here. A very busy summer has come to an end and what this day has really made me do is think about how much I love this town. How I spent my Labor Day weekend surrounded by hundreds of my talented, crazy friends and associates celebrating our mutual love of pasties at the New York Burlesque Festival, and then after 5 days and nights covered in glitter, caught an early 7 train to Queens-my favorite train ride in town-for a sunny day at the U.S. Open. I really can't imagine two more opposite ways to begin and end a long weekend. I love that on Saturday we found two side-by-side bars on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that were packed to the breaking point with screaming, drunk Ohio State alumni and the people who love them, the scarlet and grey-clad throng in the hundreds cheering on the OSU football team, just like a fall Saturday in Columbus. I love that walking out of my office I saw a half-dozen Buddhist monks at a cart buying ice cream bars. I love this town. There's no other place.