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Thursday, March 31, 2011

MIght as well jump

Even as my partners in Casino O'Fortune Cookie Productions prepare to hit the road today on their Spring tour with the Dangerous Curves Ahead: Burlesque on the Go-Go, here's our latest epic adventure scheduled for Joe's Pub on Saturday, May 14th!

You remember this, right?

Check it:

Don't miss it!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tonight! Prepare to gain some experience points.

Tonight, Neil O'Fortune will be your Dungeon Master of Ceremonies for the premiere edition of D20 Burlesque, a night dedicated completely to role-playing games. Yup. That is some geeky shit. But it's going to be fun, and hey, look, I've gamed. I have been a dedicated gamer. I have spent hours rolling the die and calculating "To Hit Armor Class Zero." In middle school I had a subscription to Dragon magazine. Say it loud, I'm nerd and I'm proud!

This venture is the brainchild of Anja Keister, who is a relative newcomer to the scene and is sure to make a big splash with her first production because, well, there's an enormous audience for it! (And in all serious I'm honored she asked me to host her first show.) And listen: these performers are not posers. These are genuine sexy geeks, they are keepin' it real and are, frankly, the kind of girls that the 13-year old me with a Half-Elven Ranger named Lars could only dream about.

The show's at the Parkside Lounge tonight at 11:30 so you still have time to get down there! Don't miss out, you know you're one of us.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

I love it when the dayjob and the nightlife come together...

This Thursday night at the Art Directors Club is The Young Guns Parade and Funeral March for Fighters and Lovers, aka the launch party for the 2011 Young Guns program. It's an annual event but this year we're kicking it up a notch, with tons of atmosphere, live music, projections...and bloodwrestling. Oh yes.

Thanks to my other life I know the twisted mind behind GLOB: the Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling, and they're leaving behind their usual punk bar environs to do battle in the pristine whitewalled gallery of the ADC, way up here on 29th Street.

It's going to be quite a night and I do recommend you join us.

Monday, March 14, 2011

If you're a fan of American pop culture, do not miss this one.

I don't post about the Gameshow Speakeasy as much as I used to but we are thrilled to be on a regular monthly schedule at our beautiful new home, Le Poisson Rouge, on every third Thursday. That means that our next show is this Thursday the 17th; yes, that is St. Patrick's Day. That means we're either the ideal low-key counter-programming, OR the ideal opener to a night of green beer debauchery.

Either way, you do NOT want to miss this show because I'm especially excited about our celebrity mystery guest. Seriously, it is one not to miss. I'll see you there.

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Monday, March 07, 2011


At my desk and Pandora just played Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap (on a Sleigh Bells channel. Not a bad choice, although I've noticed that Pandora is not nearly as far-ranging or interesting as it was, say, 6 months ago, right? More corporate? Fewer deep cuts or out-there connections? Still good because, you know, free, but much more repetitive and greatest-hits-ish.)

ANYWAY! I can't hear that song without thinking about this, and having to try not to laugh at my day job. It's so good because who remembers that scene, who makes the connection, it's just so good. Also: wow, now the OC and the SNL sketch that made this whole connection are starting to feel like relics of an ancient time called the middle-noughts or something, we are really running out of past and nostalgia is collapsing on itself. But this is still funny. Incidentally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Lindsay Robertson first brought my attention to this on the now largely abandoned Lindsayism.

ANYWAY! Here's the thing at Best Week Ever. You will have to search elsewhere for the actual SNL video, but you'll find it and it's worth it.

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Next Up at Joe's Pub: the burlesque tribute to Van Halen

Snake Plissken's Day Off was a sold-out crowd triumph. I love my crazy, talented friends and all of our fans.

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