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Monday, February 22, 2010

Did I dream this movie?

Looking up some pop-culture reference points for our upcoming show, and something popped into my head, a hazy memory from that time I'll call "the late 90s" when I was young-ish and foolish-er. A movie I believe I saw at about the hour 12 mark of a 24-hour sci-fi movie marathon at the Drexel Theater in Columbus, Ohio. I couldn't remember the name, and I almost didn't believe it really existed...so I googled "Buddy Holly kung-fu post-apocalypse" and BANG!

This is certainly the world's only movie about a Samurai sword wielding dude with an electric guitar strapped to his back, battling his way through the Mad Max knock-offs of a desert hellscape trying to reach Las Vegas to become the new King of Rock 'n' Roll now that Elvis has died. And I must be one of the 12 people who saw this in the theater.

Anyway, I didn't make it up, so that's good. This is fun, maybe this will be a regular feature.

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Accept no substitutes

This Saturday's Royale With Cheese sets the stage for a great March of out-of-town dates with various of our co-conspirators:

On March 20th, Clams and I return to the site of our January triumph, this time as the guest of our friend L'il Dutch, the Queen of DC Burlesque; I'll be hosting, tent revival style, the 2nd anniversary of the Dutch Oven in Washington!

Then on the 26th, we return to Asbury Lanes, the most wonderful place on Earth, with the Pinchbottom Burlesque team. This time we're bringing Julie Atlas Muz and Ruby Valentine with us!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I want to dance. I want to win. I want that trophy.

Royale With Cheese: The Burlesque Tribute to Pulp Fiction is going to be an amazing night, the biggest show we've ever brought to Joe's Pub. Among all the great stuff, I'm hosting our own version of the Jack Rabbit Slim's twist contest, with awesome dinner-and-a-movie prizes from Two Boots Pizza and Video, home, not at all coincidentally, of the Mr. Pink pizza.

BTW, this really was the last time Travolta was cool, right? Ok, maybe Get Shorty. And maybe (MAYBE) Face/Off. In the ads for his new movie, he cribs his own classic "Royale with Cheese" line, and it just makes me sad. But hey, free promo for our show!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

More than meets the eye

The Transformers meet Daft Punk, discovered courtesy of Z for Zombies. Yeah, it'll be in your head the rest of the day.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pulp Fiction in 30 seconds, performed by bunnies.

You're welcome.

A little something to get you in the mood for Royale With Cheese: The Burlesque Tribute to Pulp Fiction, next Saturday night!

There are a ton of these on this site, and they're all fun; I think Die Hard is my favorite.


Tonight: Gameshow Speakeasy

It's my birthday on Saturday (a date, I have noted here before, that I share with the great Mr. John Daly, host of a classic TV game show that we are in no way affiliated with, that rhymes with Schmat's Schmy Schmine), and I'm celebrating with one of the best lineups of contestants and sponsors we've ever had. It's going to be an extra-special, super-sexy night at the Speakeasy, and if you're a reader in the New York Metropolitan area, I can't encourage you strongly enough, you can't miss it.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You maniacs! You blew it up!

This is pretty brilliant. And you know, you're watching it and this seems like a recent phenomenon and then you see something in there that reminds you Hollywood has had a hard-on for blowing up this town for at least 4 decades.

Video courtesy of Goodie Bag.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

NBC, still makin' good decisions

Olympic fever has hit our house, and unfortunately that means sitting through a lot of commercials for upcoming shows on the Network, including the Marriage Ref. Have you seen the ads for this? It is absolutely the worst thing in the history of things.

Seriously, have you seen it? It's kind of awful, but also awesome.

I love discovering a blog I like, especially one that's been around a long time and it's got so many tags to browse through and catch up on...today's discovery is the Final Girl. There's a lot to recommend it but I send you to this particular spot because it's a sentiment that I simply could not agree with more!


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Really, I couldn't aspire to more.

Last night, thanks to burlesque I had the opportunity to continue my life as the live-stage version of a 1970s mid-level TV personality, when I co-hosted a midnight movie. Clams, Anita and I hosted the midnight showing of Reservoir Dogs at the Sunshine Cinema, the big arthouse theater on Houston Street, to promote our upcoming Pulp Fiction burlesque tribute, and it was pretty great. More to come!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh, this will never happen.

Saw this during the old previews shown before last weekend's midnight movie of The Evil Dead at Sunshine Cinema. Prescient!



Friends over Sunday night, the Grammies on TV on mute, when we saw someone very intriguing that none of us recognized, singing in the Les Paul tribute while Jeff Beck played guitar. Who was this girl? She's adorable! It turns out she's Irish rockabilly singer Imelda May.

I think I'm in love.