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Friday, January 25, 2008

Ain't over 'til it's over

Previously in the pages of this blog I've talked about Galapagos closing in Williamsburg, and that seems to have been premature; I talked hopefully about Mo Pitkin's staying open, and I was wrong about that too. So, this time I'm reserving judgement until I know they've actually locked the doors for the last time, but it looks like Rififi may be closing at the end of February. The comedy blogs have been talking about it, and the burlesque community is buzzing about it, and at this point nobody knows for sure if there will be some kind of last-minute reprieve. So, the collective breath is being held, for now. But if the end of this venue is drawing near, I'm even happier that Clams and I will be co-hosting Sweet and Nasty Burlesque at Rififi on Sunday, February 10. If you haven't been to Rififi in a while for one of the many burlesque, comedy, dance or movie events they host every week, you should definitely come check it out.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sometimes it's when things go completely wrong that you see the true measure of talent

Technical difficulties are a part of live performance, of course. But it's how a group of performers handle those problems that really shows what kind of talent and professionalism they're bringing to the table. At last night's performance of Pinchbottom Burlesque, the CD containing the entire second set's music, for every number, cracked at the beginning of intermission. This required Jonny Porkpie, co-producer and playing one of the leads (in full Groucho Marx costume) to drive from Tribeca to Park Slope and back with replacement music before the show could resume. This led to a, needless to say, longer intermission then anticipated. And being the multi-talented troupers that they are, the company stepped in to fill the gap, kibbitzing with the crowd, telling jokes, keeping things moving; Albert Cadabra stepped up and did rope and card tricks with several impromptu assistants (and a deck of cards miraculously supplied by an audience member--note to self, always carry a deck of cards.). All in all, it was a triumph, and the audience was actually happily loosened up for the second act! This was the second time Pinchbottom has done this particular show, and as I'm in the cast, this was the fourth time I've seen it. I think I enjoyed it more, and was proudest being a part of it last night, when pretty much the worst possible production snafu happened, than any other night.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Next month: the return of hot game show action

And since this is the week (and apparently the day) to mention upcoming shows that I co-produce and host and my legions of readers should come see, What's My Line? Live in NYC! makes its 2008 debut on Wednesday, February 13. After taking January off, the show is going to be more fun than ever and I can't wait to get back on that stage. Ok, now I should go do some work, since I'm at work and stuff.

Need a break?

Little stressed out? Here you go.

Taking Jersey by storm, one bowling alley at a time.

Another cool show announcement; once again we're taking Bump 'n' Grindhouse on the road, this time a little closer to home: Asbury Park, New Jersey! On Saturday March 8th we're taking the stage at the classic Asbury Lanes, to my knowledge the only combination bowling alley-punk rock band venue on Earth. It's really a great fit for the show, and this time we're bringing Creamy Stevens, Nasty Canasta and Weirdee Girl along for the ride. So if you're near Springsteen's hometown in early March, you know where to find us!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Seriously, I'm like a 14-year-old girl on there.

So, after several years of being way, way too into Myspace (Honestly, though, it's a great networking and promoting tool! No, seriously.), suddenly all of my friends have facebook pages. So, I've given in and now I've got one too. Gotta keep up with the kids! If you too are a facebook user, search for Brett Rollins and we can be total best friends for evah!

Also on the schedule: frequent blog updates

Many projects upcoming to begin the New Year that I'm very excited about, including one we just completed the lineup for as of tonight: the return of Smells Like Tease Spirit! Co-produced and hosted by myself and Clams Casino, the first Smells Like Tease Spirit, the first burlesque homage to the 1990's, was a big hit at the Slipper Room last year. And now, Smells Like Tease Spirit, the sequel, is coming to Monday Night Burlesque at Galapagos Art Space on February 25th. We have a truly fantastic lineup (Delirium Tremens, Honi Harlow, Precious Little, Nasty Canasta, Roja Rouge, Tigger! and Figgy) and it's going to a really great night. More details to come, of course. And more cool show announcements coming soon as well!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You should watch this.

I was recently introduced to these and you should watch them, because it's very funny. (Chelsea has also been a part of some very interesting and witty online viral art projects with her brother Jonah that are worth seeking out.)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007, the year I'll always remember as the era of the wide stance and the time when the Rosie-Donald feud captured America's imagination.

So, 2007 was for me, personally, a great year, with exhibitions mounted, successful shows produced, projects launched, many great times with many great friends and loved ones in many exciting places, including right here in New York City. But in what I like to call, using my fingers to make that air-quote gesture, the Big Picture...yeah, it was kind of rough. Here's a little look back. Not a bad year to put behind us and make some serious changes in '08, shall we? Ok, let's get started! This parting thought on the year from the Times editorial board points us toward one method for making some changes this year.

Okay, I'm clambering down from my soap box now. This blog is about other stuff and I'm happy to report that several exciting projects for the new year have gotten off the ground this week. Onward and upward!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My aspirational image for 2008.

I'd like to add to this post a list of my ruminations on the year that was, but to be honest, after wrapping up a week plus with family in the Midwest, a ten hour drive home in the snow and rain, and a New Year's Eve night that ended at 4 am, I don't think I have it in me today. So for now, this is just a wish for a happy, healthy and successful 2008 to all.