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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here's another good one.

It was a simpler time.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's her brief look of resignation that really does it for me.

We've been looking at a lot of clips, as inspiration for what Little Brooklyn is calling the Newly Married People Show That is Gamelike. Our friend Ken hooked us up with this one.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

What's the password?

Above is a shot of our first show in our new home last Thursday, and our first contestant, Debra, a ukelele player! It was a great show with a fun crowd, and the new venue is going to work out great. Getting used to the new name, but the Gameshow Speakeasy couldn't possibly be in a more appropriate spot then this former bathhouse basement (the picture above gives a glimpse of the barreled, steam-stained tile ceiling, a relic of its former life) converted into a ramshackle tiki bar under a club where upstairs, a sweet 16 party was at Drag Queen karaoke. We continue to field lots of questions about the name change; you can find out more about that if you're so inclined, by checking out the entirety of the current issue of Time Out, where we have a great piece in an article about live game shows around the City. But let's just say it involved one of the world's biggest multimedia companies, our little show, and let us speak no more about it. Onward and upward! For the first installment of our new first-Tuesdays show, upstairs in the gorgeous red-curtained environs of the Fortune Cookie Cabaret, we've got (thanks to Nasty Canasta for the name) a newlywed head to head! And our contestants are three of New York's favorite burlesque performers, Little Brooklyn, Peekaboo Pointe and Precious Little, and their equally fabulous new husbands.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Behold: the new name, the new venue, the new night, the other new show, and the new website.

Yeah, it's a lot of change. Yeah, there's a longer story behind a lot of it, not all suitable for blogging. But check out our fantastic new website, for our two monthly shows, that we couldn't be more excited to be debuting this week in the Fortune Cookie Lounge at Lucky Cheng's. Fabulous web design courtesy of one Mr. Jonny Porkpie!


Friday, March 14, 2008

But it's SO real.

Jen and I have a healthy discussion going about whether this is real, or the most amazing new media performance art ever. I'm far from the first place you might have seen this, but seriously, watch it.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do they think he's gonna make a run for it?

The choppers were hovering over Spitzer's apartment on Fifth Avenue when I left for work this morning...and they were still hovering when I got home this evening.

Monday, March 10, 2008

T'n'A Q & A!

I'm very excited to announce another upcoming collaborative project, something completely different from other things we've worked on but that is very timely: T'n'A Q&A: A Panel Discussion on a Decade in New York Burlesque!

Clams and I are co-organizing the panel with Legs Malone; it will be held at the Slipper Room on Wednesday, April 23, at 8:00. We've assembled a rather extraordinary group of people to take part in the panel discussion: Bambi the Mermaid, Bonnie Dunn, Dirty Martini, Jo Boobs, Julie Atlas Muz, Kate Valentine (aka Miss Astrid), Rose Wood, Tigger! and World Famous *BOB*. Dr. Lukki will be our moderator for the evening.

All of us have spent hours in dressing rooms after shows, talking about where this all came from; in the 90's, before anyone even knew to call it "burlesque" there was a small group of performers and producers, from many different backgrounds, creating the performing community where, in 2008 in New York City, you can see a burlesque show every night of the week. We wanted to put together a range of the world-class performers who were there in the earliest shows and venues, all of them still performing now, and get at that history as a group. It will be an entertaining, funny, enlightening evening and I'm psyched. More to come!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

That time change really messed with me, though. What day is it?

This is a shot of the stage in the middle of the bowling lanes at Asbury Lanes, the vintage bowling alley-show venue two windswept blocks from the oceanside boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I took this when we arrived last night, bringing Bump 'n' Grindhouse to the people of this great state. This is, hands down, one of the greatest venues on Earth, a real deal classic bowling alley with a fabulous fried snackbar and a swanky alcohol bar tucked in the corner by the DJ booth, the friendliest, most tattooed staff in the tri-state area, and, oh yeah, a stage right in the middle of the working bowling lanes, where the Reverend Horton Heat and Dick Dale have played. Not a bad place to bring a show, and despite a day of stormy weather and a freezing windy night, the place was packed with enthusiastic fans. We gave 'em a great show, marred only by my having to stretch on the mike for about 15 minutes when their CD walkman-based sound system copped out for no discernible reason during our firs act (fun fact: they had a team of paranormal investigators in the place on Monday, I shit you not. And the guys told them that the ghosts infesting places like that often suck the power out of things. Hmmm.) But their crack team worked it out and the show was a big hit. Afterwards finished up the night with the whole BnG crew playing a round of burlesque bowling, which is just like regular bowling, only with more nudity.

Some very fun pictures of the night are right here! And I can't urge you enough to check out Asbury Lanes, a reason to drive to Jersey.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Literally, last night's party.

Shots on Lastnightsparty.com of the inaugural Starshine Burlesque at the gorgeous Fortune Cookie Cabaret last night. A very fun time, packed with our friends onstage and off, and seeing the new space in action made us even more excited to kick off our own show on the brand new stage on April 1st!

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Exxon's profits in 2007: $77,213 per minute.

Does that sound...not quite right to you? Here, this won't help but it might make you feel better.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Didn't Dennis Miller and Damon Wayans both do some of these too?

As the producers of a 90s tribute show, we are truly on the cutting edge of nostalgia.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Game Show's Greatest Hits!

Tonight, we settled on the lineup of rotating shows for our new monthly venture, which will launch on the night of April Fool's Day at Lucky Cheng's Fortune Cookie Cabaret. Every month will be a tribute to one of these shows:
Family Feud.
Match Game.
The Newlywed Game.
Win, Lose or Draw.
I am so. fucking. geeked-out excited. If you are also geeked-out excited about that list of names, brothers and sisters have we got a show for you.


Sure, I've spent the day working on really exciting projects, but you have to keep it in perspective, people.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Today's official Saturday afternoon hangover post.

I bet you never knew his name but the action films of the 80s would not have been the same without him. And now you can join the campaign to get him the MTV Movie Awards lifetime achievement award! And read fan fiction about him. God bless the internet.

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